Residents of Ungheni city donate 34 600 protective masks to Nanchang residents

In order to support the twin city of Nanchang in China, the City Hall of Ungheni Municipality launched on February 5 the social campaign “A donated mask = a saved life“.

Following the deployment, the Unghenians donated money, from which were purchased the 34,600 protective masks .

According to a press release of the Ungheni City Hall, in the next few days, the more than 34 thousand masks will arrive in China, in Nanchang. Ungheni City Hall has signed a Memorandum of Understanding and has asked for help.

Article in Romanian: Foto // Unghenenii donează 34 600 de măști de protecție orașului chinez înfrățit Nanchang

As part of the campaign “A donated mask = a saved life”, the following amounts were collected:

  • 9700 lei / 544.16 USD – employees of Ungheni City Hall who donated their salary for a day’s work;
  • 7511 lei / 421.36 USD – Preschool institutions from Ungheni municipality: “Licurici (no. 11) – 1355 lei, “Tereza Sobolevschi-Gorj” (no. 2) – 2120 lei, “Steluța “(no. 9) – 1140 lei,” Andrieș” (No. 3) – 1170 lei, “Guguță” (no. 10) – 1406 lei, “Solnashko” (no. 47) – 320 lei;
  • 6822 lei / 382.70 USD – undergraduate institutions: “Gheorghe Asachi” – 1051 lei, “Mihai Eminescu” – 3689 lei, “Vasile Alecsandri” – 894 lei, “Ion Creangă” – 354 lei, “Alexandru Pushkin” – 768 lei, the Center of Excellence in Border Security – 66 lei;
  • 500 lei / 28.05 USD – in the boxes installed in the commercial centers of Ungheni;
  • 5000 masks – donation “Lear Corporation”;
  • 2000 protective masks – donation JCI Ungheni;
  • 1000 protective masks – Ungheni Medical College;
  • 16 000 lei / 897.58 USD- economic agents from Ungheni (“Rutador”, “Aledex”, “Aedificator”, “Alexnatcons”).

17.83 lei (moldovan leu, currency of Moldova) = 1 USD

In the above context, Ungheni City Hall thanks everyone for their responsiveness and involvement.

By the gesture offered, the Unghenians have shown that they can be with those who need support!

Municipality Ungheni has a population of 35,157, it is the seventh largest town in Moldova and the seat of Ungheni District. In Ungheni city is situated  a bridge across the Prut and a border checkpoint to Romania.

On October 25, 2019, the local public administration of Ungheni and the Chinese city of Nanchang signed a Memorandum for a term of 5 years, with a possible extension at the understanding of both parties to become twin cities.

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